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At the age of 75, my father gave a $100,000 debt to his three sons to help pay it back, but everyone refused, leaving only me to bear the responsibility: A year later, I suddenly received a sweet reward!

My name is Tom, I am the youngest of four children and the only girl. My father, Mr. Lucas, worked hard all his life. After my mother passed away, my father remained there until he was 75 years old.

I have three brothers, they all work far away and don’t come home often to visit. Only I chose to live in the countryside so I could often return to take care of my father.
One day, my father called all the children to announce something important. In the family chat group, my brothers all thought it was time for dad to write a will to divide his assets among his children. Although my father doesn’t have much money, he has a lot of land and gardens.

My father lived a miserable life after my mother passed away

On the appointment day, dad gave us a paper with a debt of up to 100,000 dollars

“I previously borrowed this money to treat your mother’s illness. Dad also tried to work hard to pay off the debt, selling all the land to collect money because he didn’t want to bother the kids, but now he’s old so he can’t bear the burden anymore. “The mother’s interest is the child’s interest. I hope you guys will help me pay off my debt so that I can feel secure and not have to live in fear anymore,” he said.

My brothers and I were both stunned. That amount of money is not small, but for a long time Dad did not say it so that the children could shoulder it together. Up to now, Dad only announced one sentence asking his children to help him pay off the debt, which was a big shock.

The eldest brother immediately looked angry and said: “Dad, are you kidding? We have never owed you a dime and have not received a dime either. This is clearly because Dad spent so wastefully that he got into debt, but now he’s forcing us to bear the burden.”

After that, my second brother and third brother also continuously criticized their father harshly.

When I heard what you guys said, I felt very uncomfortable. Although I was angry at my father, I thought that after all, this money was due to my mother’s medical debt, and we as children could not deny responsibility.

I immediately said: “Don’t talk to dad like that. Dad is now 75 years old and can’t bear it anymore. If you don’t agree to pay, then I will accept. Even if I don’t have a lot of money, I will still try to work to pay.”

After I finished speaking, my father looked at me with contempt and then left without saying a word. I helplessly looked at their backs, thinking that my future life would not be easy at all.

“Tomorrow I will transfer 50,000 USD in advance to dad. This is my husband and I’s savings so that Jessica – my daughter – can study abroad in the future. I will gradually send the remaining amount to dad every month to pay. I believe that in just a few years, everything will stabilize. Dad just needs to stay healthy so I can work with peace of mind,” I comforted him.

My father cried silently and kept saying thank you for a while. Dad said he was sorry for not taking good care of me before, he only knew how to love his son

My heart aches…

From that day, I started working without stopping. Every day, I work 3 jobs and sell more products online to increase my income. In the morning I will wake up at 5am and will not rest until 12pm.

I don’t want my dad to have to live alone anymore

My husband loves me very much. He sometimes gives me a little extra money to help me a little, but I don’t want to become a burden to him, so I always refuse. I just hope he takes good care of the children and I’ll be very happy.

A full year later, on the anniversary of my mother’s death, my father called us to come home again, but all three of my brothers refused. Only my husband and I came to eat with our father. After finishing the meal, my father gave me a savings book and $100,000 in cash. I opened it and was shocked at the amount written on it: $200,000.

Dad looked at me and said: “The money in the book is what I collected and sold the land. After all, I’m old, the land is of no use so I sold it. As for the cash I gave you last year, you haven’t spent a single penny.

Actually, I don’t owe anyone anything. That debt note is fake. I just want to test your filial piety before dividing the inheritance money with you. No one expected the three sons that dad loved with all his heart to be so bad, so I think you deserve it all.”

I hugged my dad and sobbed: Angry, emotional, and sorry for myself. Angry at my dad for making me work so hard last year but also happy because I received such a big gift.

My husband and I decided to take my father home to live with us. After all, in the past I often came to take care of him, but I couldn’t be as dedicated as being together every day. I will not let my father be alone anymore, we will be a complete and happy family together.