Home Health Never take a shower during a thunderstorm. Here’s why

Never take a shower during a thunderstorm. Here’s why

You probably didn’t know that taking a shower during a thunderstorm can be dangerous.

However, not just showers, washing dishes, and using some plugged electronic devices during a thunderstorm are also dangerous.

Why you should never take a shower during a thunderstorm

If you have been doing this, here are a few reasons why this is dangerous and you should consider stopping:

1. Water pipes are good conductive materials

This is the first reason. Water pipes made of metal are good conductors of electricity.

If lightning strikes your home or nearby, it can travel through the plumbing and potentially cause harm to anyone using water.

2. Water can conduct electricity

Reconsider taking showers during a thunderstorm because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, especially when it contains minerals and impurities.

This means that during a thunderstorm, the water in your shower can carry an electrical charge if lightning strikes. This will be deadly if you are in the shower at that moment.

3. Proximity to electrical fixtures

This is another reason why you shouldn’t shower during a thunderstorm. Some showers often have metal fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, which can conduct electricity. Being in contact with these during a thunderstorm increases the risk of electric shock which is another reason to avoid taking that shower when there is a thunderstorm.

In essence, there is a high risk of electrocution if you have any direct contact with water or metal pipes during a lightning strike and this can lead to serious injury or even death.

Hence, to ensure safety, it is best to avoid taking showers during a thunderstorm. As mentioned earlier, this does not stop with just taking showers, it extends to using any other plumbing or electrical appliances during a thunderstorm.